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    Vladimir Bronnikov

    *PhD Computer Science, St.-Petersburg Electrotechnical University 

    *Professor, St. Petersburg State University
    *Laboratory “Computational biology”

    *Director, Imitation Technology Institute ,Russian Academic of Science, Development of super-computers systems LOCON (64000 risk-processors)

    *Marketing director, LANCK Ltd.  ACER brand maintenance

    *Senior Expert Internet technology, CSR - Centre Strategy Development Gov. Russian Federation 

    *CEO, Founder, CTOR STUDIO, startup internet company (exit 2002)

    *CEO, Co-Founder SPN Digital  Startup company, Mobile App. sold out to strategic investor Sumitomo Group (exit 2005)

    Current positions

    *CEO, Co-Founder Generation RU

    *V. P.  ECG Group Ltd. 2006 - present 

    *CEO, BMC Corp.  2008 - present 

    *CEO, Co-Founder, Ctor Game Inc., 2015 - present

    *Board of Director, TS Prof, 2018-present


    PC Week, IT News, TEDx, RUSBASE, Museum on the Web, more 150 scientific and marketing article in Russia, Canada, USA. Book "Mathematics Biology", St. Petersburg State University.