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Vladimir Bronnikov

* St.-Petersburg Electrotechnical University, PhD, Computer Science&Robotics. Computer Vision.

* St. Petersburg State University, Researcher, Chief of Laboratory "Computational biology", Area of expertise - Mathematics Biology, Neurocomputing.

* Russian Academic of Science, Director, Imitation Technology Institute, Development of super-computers systems LOCON (64000 risk-processors).

* LANCK Ltd., Russia, Marketing director, ACER brand maintenance.

* CSR - Centre of Strategy Development, Gov. Russian Federation, Senior Expert. Area of expertise - Internet technology.  

* CTOR STUDIO, CEO, Founder, Startup internet company (exit 2000).

* SPN Digital , CEO, Co-Founder, Startup company, Mobile App. sold out to strategic investor     Sumitomo Group (exit 2004).

Current positions

ECG Ltd., Vice President, Sales&Consulting, 2005 - 2011, 2014- present. 

CTOR GAME Inc., CEO, Founder, 2018 - present. 

BMC Corp., COO, Co-Founder,  2008 - present. 

Generation RU, CEO, Founder,  2017- present. 

Mentor/Board of Adviser

Early Stage: COMQUESTS, HR Game Tech, C-Kiosk, Go To Doctor

Pre-Seed: QUOTE Logistic, App Ted, TeamWise, Play to Study 

Seed: In4Pet, BION Science, Pay on Weeles

Round A: TS Prof, Novator Gold 


PC Week, Science and Life, IT News, Avionics, TEDx, RUSBASE, Museum on the Web, more 150 scientific and marketing article in Russia, Canada, USA. Book "Mathematics Biology", St. Petersburg State University.